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  • Ashley Brown

What is in a Dance Bag

My dance bag has changed since I was in a ballet company to the life as a teacher and freelancer, but not by much. As a dancer or a physical person one should be prepared for anything, the realities of life will not give you what you need; you have to find a way of fixing those issues. Dancers get bruises, blisters, ingrown toes nails, tight to pulled muscles and everything beyond and in between. So here is what a dancer should carry in there dance bag to be prepared for anything that life throws at them.


-Brush or comb -Pins of all kinds (bobby and hair) --Nets -spray bottle of water or hair spray

-Flower or bow to feel extra special

Pointe/Ballet shoes and Feet:

-stich kit or dental floss -lighter -extra ribbons and elastics -toe tape (medical/masking) -band aides -second skin -oral gel(to numb toes) -Tinactin(corns) -golf ball(s) -toe nail clippers

-Preperation H (bring down swelling when one cannot ice feet)



-tennis balls -Thera Band -The Stick/rolling pin -mineral ice/tigerbalm -arnica (bruises) -KT tape for shin splints -leg warmers

-onesie/full body warm-ups -socks/booties


When in audition or performance season a dancer should always carry some light make up and stud earrings to throw on if forgotten.

Snacks!!! Sometimes eating a full meal cannot happen when on the go or in between rehearsals. Having snacks will save you if you forgot your meal or cannot dance on a full stomach.

Water!!! Even more important than food: water. Dancers and those who are physically active need to keep rehydrating inbetween and after physical excersise.

I hope this helped and will inspire you to carry around some extra band aids and water to stay fit and fabulous!

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