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Wellness and Self-care, Supporting small businesses

During my professional time as a wellness provider I have become more and more aware of how white dominate this billion dollar industry is. I recognize that I, as a white identified person, am apart of the saturation and influx of offerings literally white washing the space for other professionals and practitioners. My mission and goal is to uplift other practitioners and folks supporting the human organism and community care with their skills and wisdom.

In the year of 2021 the pandemic is still on the rise, in America, and so is self-care. Walking around with named trauma is one thing, but actually naming it and caring for it is another. So I've put together another list of BI&POC businesses who are doing their part in supporting the wellness and self-care of everyone.


Masks: I found these folks when searching on Etsy for BI&POC mask makers. Please stay safe and support our small businesses!!! Even if your state or country has deemed it safe to wear a mask, it is beneficial for fire season (California, Oregon, Washington), traveling while avoid colds, protecting your self from sharing you germs if you have to work while sick, ect.

PolisiMae: I found Polisi's shop on Etsy when looking to support our Native community during the pandemic. Polisi, who is Hopi and Navajo, makes amazing stickers, stationary, and MASKS! This is one I got for 2 people in my life who I know their existence is a resistance. These masks raise awareness to the silent epidemic on Reservations across Turtle Island (North America) and beyond. Native women are going missing and are being murdered at an alarming rate 10times the national average of murder rates.

KDbJanovia: I found Janovia's store and love the new modern look to the jewelry and the masks all have a fun pattern. I got one with cats and tropical print. Aspects of my life right now, cats and the tropics. I love how the masks are

lightweight and tie around the head. This give my ears a break, it's safer for face covers, the lightweight fabric is great for when I am doing a long walk or biking outside (especially great for those hot days), and because they are tie-around you can add another mask for extra protection.


Plant Medicines:

Intrinsinc Formulas: Jennifer Is a dear student of mine who has been sharing her wisdom of plant medicine virtually and in person for years. I love seeing behind the scenes of what she is working on via Instagram. You can find her medicines at Conscious Coffee(1312 Gilamn St, Berkeley CA 94706) or you can message her directly to see what she has in the Apothecary! Email:

Follow her on Instagram @IntrinsicFormulas


TRE: I met these providers (virtually) through an online source for TRE facilitators.

Your Body Knows How: Mzima (pronounced, mmm-ZEE-muh) is located in the San Francisco Bay Area in California but is offering online sessions. Mzima creates a safe space for you to release pent up emotion, trauma, and stress without you having to re-live or talk about everything you've been through. She is also a Reiki practitioner, who channels ancestors and guides. You can learn more about Mzima and her offerings at

Hanuman Retreats: Tammy runs this lovely retreat organization and works in the Bay area and beyond in-person and virtually with the retreats and healing modalities that are offered. Each of these wellness practices allows for the individual to connect to the body, mind, and spirit through a unique embodiment approach with lasting health benefits. These modalities are designed to be accessible for adults of most any age, body shape, physical fitness level, and experience— from beginners to advanced.


Whether you are taking a TRE session, receiving a plant medicine, or wearing a mask you are protecting yourself as well as uplifting the voices and healing energies of these small BI&POC businesses.

Do you have wellness and small BI&POC businesses that you would like to see get highlighted? Please send me your recommendations!

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