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    Ashley Brown has been working with her body for the past 20 years in many

different dance styles and body therapy modalities. Falling back into the practice, Ashley was drawn to learn more about yoga. In 2015 Ashley completed

her 200hr yoga certification from Square One Yoga Collective.



Ashley’s approach to teaching is alignment and anatomy based, suited for the

individual practitioner; investigating how the body can move to the fullest range of

motion with awareness of placement and breath. Using the body as a vehicle to process this human experience to feel more free, creative, and grounded to connect to the divine. 


Inspired by her teacher Nubia Teixeira, Ashley encompasses all aspects of the yoga with chanting, mudras (seals), and pranayama ("breathwork") honoring the tradition with its many different branches to self-awareness. Drawing from the deep well of Hatha yoga, Ashley also draws from the lineages of Jnana, Raja, Bhakti and Karma yoga.


Since 2018 Ashley has completed her TRE (Tension, Stress, Trauma Release Exercises) and 500hrs Teacher Training. Ashley dedicates her work to helping folks find self-care tools to support their journey from surviving to thriving. 


  Besides teaching and practicing the physical yoga practice, Ashley teaches TRE and dance. You can find her outside of the the teaching space either biking, hiking, camping, or paddle boarding amongst the Florida natural landscape.   

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