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After Graduating from her 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training in 2015; Ashley continued on the path of inner discovery of health and healing. Ashley found herself in a TRE® workshop with her soon to be Trainer. After the first experience with TRE Ashley found herself in a state of full-body awareness and with a slight buzzing sensation. 


Over the next 2 years, Ashley would practice TRE on and off throughout her personal practice until a life-changing event would inspire her to take her TRE practice to a whole new level. After this event, Ashley reached out to her trainer Brooke Deputy and decided she would commit to becoming a TRE Provider.


Since 2018 Ashley has completed her TRE® (Tension, Stress, Trauma Relase Exercises) and 500hrs yoga Teacher Training. Ashley dedicates her work to helping folks find self-care tools to support their journey from surviving to thriving. 


  Ashley currently teaches TRE virtually and in-person.  

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