After Graduating from her first 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training in 2015; Ashley continued on the path of inner discovery of health and healing. Ashley found herself in a TRE workshop with her soon to be Trainer. After the first experience with TRE Ashley found herself in a state of full-body awareness and with a slight buzzing sensation. 


For the past 2 years, Ashley would practice TRE on and off throughout her personal practice until a life-changing event would inspire her to take her TRE practice to a whole new level. After this event, Ashley reached out to her trainer Brooke Deputy and decided she would commit to becoming a TRE Provider.


Since 2018 Ashley has completed her TRE (tension, Stress, Trauma Relase Exercises) and 500hrs yoga Teacher Training. Ashley dedicates her work to helping folks find self-care tools to support their journey from surviving to thriving. 


  Besides practicing yoga, it's many branches and TRE, Ashley teaches dance throughout the Bay Area. If you can't find Ashley in the studio, you will most likely find her in her garden.