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About Me





I am Ashley Brown and I am dedicated to sharing the benefits of moving our bodies through space with creativity, compassion, and curiosity. I have been exploring the extremes and limitations of the body for the past 20 years through my professional training, as a professional dancer, and as a yoga and TRE® practitioner.


 I now dedicate my life to the transformative power of movement and how it can support a full body awareness. Whether it's from mixed dance techniques, traditional yoga practices, and TRE®; I hold space for those who are still exploring their path towards connection while honoring their body's wisdom and timing. This allows the practitioner to reclaim their life and body in a loving and compassionate way from those who experience or have experienced stressful day to day life, recent injuries, or past trauma. Offering from my own experiences from stress, trauma, and injuries. I teach from a place of experience and a place of constant learning.  

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