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Sink Your Teeth into This (Part 2)

Well here it is. Part duex. This will be all dedicated to the care of your teeth, especially during dental drama (like getting your wisdom teeth removed). I am working on being more on top of my own routine, and when I had my wisdom teeth removed I was reminded of some simple ways to clean and support the gum growth.

From Part one of my blog, I mentioned how I learned from my seasonal allergies AND how the sinus cavities were directly related (in my theory) to the teeth and dental care. If you missed it check it out HERE.

Growing up I wasn't fond of flossing and brushing my teeth, who is? And I am still working on this habit, LOL! But I soon learned the hard way why taking care of your teeth is super important. By the time I was 11 years old I needed a filling, 2 years after that I needed a root canal, and then about 2-3 years after that the tooth eventually had to be removed. YIKES!

So when my wisdom teeth FINALLY started to come in/when I first noticed their awakening, I quickly got in with a local dentist and had him look at them. His recommendation was to leave them be until we see how they grow in and take shape in my mouth. After my first 3 serious dental procedures which lead to the tooth being pulled, I knew the wisdom teeth would have to come out eventually. So we did it his way, each season as they grew in the pain was more unbearable. I empathize for babies getting their teeth in. Not only was the pain level at high level (this is saying something for someone who used to stand on her toes for a living) it was having a serious effect on my sinus'. So I began to dive in deep with alternative home practices for when a growth spurt would occur.


  • Using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as a smelling agent to boiling water. Draping a cloth over your head and breathing in the hot steaming ACV mixture this helps breaks down any mucus and relieves sinus pressure.

  • Drinking ACV in my own "Hot Toddy" Mixture. ACV, Hot water, Lemon and optional honey.

  • Reducing the amount of animal products, especially dairy, to assist in the process of breaking down the mucus without the added stress on the body.

  • Wisdom teeth, "teething", pain. Lavender oil on a cotton ball. WARNING do not oil and drive! LOL

  • Eating soft foods. Limiting time with chips, popcorn and nuts.

  • Flossing after each meal.

  • Swooshing water throughout the day.


Wisdom teeth do NOT always have to be removed, but in my situation, they were causing me pain, Sinus infections and they were severely impacted. Choose wisely this procedure is not fun nor cheap. Serious contemplation before the surgery is needed.


This procedure happened in the fall and I asked on Facebook if anyone had advice on a speedy recovery and not a lot of swelling in the face. My friends who are versed in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine offered these tips and I went with it!


Small meals that are PLANT-Based! I was curious as to everyone else who had shared about eating ice cream after their procedure. As I mentioned in my last post animal products and sugar are mucus producing to the body so it inhibits the growth of healing cells in the area. Plus you have extra mucus to deal with in your mouth, it's just too much.

Options: Miso Soup, Black Bean Soup, Cream of Buckwheat, Green Smoothies, Mashed potatoes (Sweet Potatoes for extra nutrients) and Mac and Cheese (vegan of course!)

As you can see in the picture above, I went a bit crazy on the coconut sugar. Sugar is mucus causing and should be limited while healing from any sickness or surgery.

Dental care:

One thing I actually missed in the first 24-36hrs was flossing! LOL. All that is recommended is to rinse with salt water. I remember this when you get sick and the nurses would suggest this to move some of the MUCUS out from the back of the throat. The power of mountains in this case. Salt is not only great at getting a little scrub action on your teeth and throat to remove plaque and mucus, but it also is bringing in lost minerals to the body. Learn more HERE.

Alternative Health Care:

In addition to my meds and recommended dental procedures I added of course essential oils! As it was fall (Season of Vata air element), a friend who is an Ayurvedic practitioner, it was recommended to eat and drink warming foods and spices. Cinnamon, Cloves and of course TURMERIC. This was recommended to me as I also chose to be put under anesthesia which raises your Vata or (air element) in your body. So by using the spices either in food, tea or diffusing them, you will help GROUND your Vata energy.

Acupressure of hands. This was recommended by a friend who is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner. By pinching the meaty part of hand in between your index and thumb this releases any tension in the jaw, neck and head.

So if you have someone in your life who is also going through wisdom teeth issues I hope this blog will help. Or at the least bring light into the inner workings of our bodies and the symbiotic relationship with the Earth and her plant children. Thank you to all of my friends and colleges who helped during my preparation and the recovery process!

Did you ever have your wisdom teeth removed? Do you have a favorite dental care regimen?

Share in the comments below!

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